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Yetta M. Goodman, Regents Professor Emerita, University of Arizona, supports teachers as professional observers of learners (kidwatchers) and innovative curriculum developers in collaboration with their students. She publishes about miscue analysis and the constructivist nature of literacy learning and teaching and holds leadership positions in literacy organizations. Contact Yetta at  Visit Yetta's website at

Prisca Martens is a Professor in the Department of Elementary Education at Towson University, Towson, Maryland, where she teaches courses on reading/literacy and children’s literature. Her research and publications are in the areas of early literacy, miscue analysis, retrospective miscue analysis, and children’s literature. She can be reached at

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Alan D. Flurkey is Associate Professor of Literacy Studies in the School of Education at Hofstra University. He has taught elementary grades and special education classes and he has directed the Reading/Writing Learning Clinic. His research interests include RMA, eye-movement miscue analysis, studies of reading proficiency, and applications of corpus linguistics. Alan’s email address is  You can learn more about Alan at