Richard C. Owen Publishers, Inc.
Mission Statement

In 2012, we celebrated 30 years of excellence in literacy education. 

Our publications include:

  • High-quality classroom materials for grades PK-8
  • Professional books for teachers and administrators.

The focus of Richard C. Owen Publishers, Inc. is literacy education with an emphasis on the teaching of reading and writing from a child-centered, meaning-centered perspective.

We believe that students become enthusiastic, independent, life-long learners, and accomplished readers and writers, when supported and guided by skillful teachers. The books that we publish support these beliefs.

 Richard C. Owen 

We, the authors of The Essential RMA wish to express our deep gratitude to Richard Owen for his support of teachers, teaching and the advancement of knowledge over the many years that we've known him and worked with him. Thank you, Richard.
~ Alan, Yetta, and Prisca